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House of Flying Reference Marks, or Quillon & Choil

Jonathan Hoefler at H&FJ describes another favorite character to design: reference marks, particularly the asterisk, dagger & double dagger: > There are standard fourth-, fifth- and sixth-order reference marks, too: they are the section mark (§), parallels (||), and number sign (#), after which the cycle repeats with doubles, triples, and so on: , †, ‡, §, ||, #, , ††, ‡‡, §§, ||||, ###, , †††, ‡‡‡, etc. The whole series is worth a read: , ß, and &.

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Victorinox Special Edition Airstream

Two of my favorite brands, Airstream and Victorinox, collaborate on the ultimate product for my favorite pastime: road-tripping. At only $59,000, feel free to get this for me for any special occasion.

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Django tip: Caching and two-phased template rendering |

Adrian Holovaty describes a clever technique they use at Everyblock to render templates in two phases — the first to generate and cache the expensive, data-intense part of the site; the second to render the final, uncached bits (the “You’re logged in as…” bit). Includes code

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Django NamePaginator snippet

Here’s a very cool pagination snippet that allows you to create an alphabetical list of objects like: Browse by title: A-G | H-N | O-Z. NamePaginator works almost exactly like Django’s Paginator: you pass in a list of objects and how many you want per letter range and it dynamically generates the pages so that there are approximately that many objects per page. I wish this were a full-fledged app, like django-pagination, with all the features of that app, but this is a great start and a very useful bit of functionality.

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Sharing the wealth - The Daily Nightly

A preview of the NBC Nightly News segment featuring B&W and my dad, Joe Works, during their “Acts of Kindness” special series.

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Haystack - Search for Django

Haystack, Daniel Lindsley’s search app for Django, looks like a perfect addition to my Django toolkit. The API matches how Django’s admin works, trading for and autodiscovering indexes in the same way manner. Supports a variety of backends, including Solr.

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jQuery Sparklines

I love both jQuery and I love sparklines, Edward Tufte’s data-rich, word-size graphics, so I’m bound to love this full-featured jQuery plugin for generating sparklines and other small graphics. Can’t wait to use this in practice.

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Tomorrow, in a year

Tomorrow, in a year is a Darwin opera, celebrating The Origin of Species’ 150-year anniversary, with music by The Knife. > The performance falls into two parts – analogous to the development and publications of The Origin of Species. The first part of the performance concentrates on studying the subelements – the underlying DNA sequences and interrelationships of the image, the narrative, the movement and the music – a kind of micro-biological, morphological study. The second part of the performance is a synthesis where an enclosed totality emerges before once more mutating and passing into new forms made of the same material. New editions appear with echoes in the surrounding world. It debuts in November 2009 in Copenhagen and I’d love to be there.

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The Morning News, On Suits

A modestly, well-dressed man has never failed to impress. Yes, never. Rosecrans Baldwin and Andrew Womack of The Morning News weigh in “On Suits” in this classic guide to Men’s Fashion.

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NYTimes’ Article Search API

NYTimes has debuted their developer API for searching articles published since 1981. I’ve already got a couple projects in mind that could definitely utilize this, but I sure hope they continue to make older articles available. Regardless, this is very awesome.

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Simple Django Debugging Tools

My two biggest weaknesses in Django development are debugging and testing. Malcolm lays down some simple tools, already built into Django, to help with the former. I’ve always found a way around these issues, but these are exactly the tools I should have been using. Very glad to have these pointed out. I would still like to see someone lay out exactly how to debug SQL queries, since I have no inkling the right number of SQL queries for a particular kind of page. How do you spot issues? What number of SQL queries is clearly too many?

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GE Induction Cooktops

Alton Brown explains the latest innovation in cooktop technology: induction cooktops. I love to cook & bake and have been pretty unsatisfied with our current halogen-style stove, but this new technology looks amazing. If you’re building a new house or shopping for kitchen appliances, be sure to consider this style. Sounds like it would be great for people with young kids, as well.

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Users and the admin

James Bennett describes how to ensure that people can only see/edit things they “own” (i.e., that they created) in the Django admin. Also covers how to automatically set a foreign key to User with request.user.

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Introverts of the World, Unite!

Classic article from The Atlantic on introversion in an extroverted world. > Actually, my favorite line is from Waiting for Godot. I can quote it to you exactly: “Don’t talk to me. Don’t speak to me. Stay with me.” > > To me those words sum up the introvert impulse. We love people — we’re not misanthropic for the most part. We just can’t socialize with them all the time. We want to hold their hand or hug them or just sit quietly and read a book with them. > > Extroverts should understand that if someone is being quiet it doesn’t mean they’re having a bad time; it doesn’t mean they’re depressed; it doesn’t mean they’re lonely or need psychiatric help or medication. We need to tell the world who we are. The first step is to understand who we are ourselves, but the second step is to educate extroverts. This is stuff extroverts need to know. They’re driving us crazy. We need to tell them.

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Mesmerizing video of skateboarders captured with the Red One digital camera. Absolutely stunning. Also enjoy the song “It’s Alright” by Bang Gang.

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annotated rant

Annotated Rant is responsible for the astutely politically incorrect rants like Fuck the South and Fuck Christmas and Fuck Tax Day. Maybe 5% too much profanity, I’m surprised how much these rants make some sense to me.

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Three Potato Four

A mom and pop shop with an inspiring and curated collection of unique vintage and modern treasures for your home.

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White guy, white guy, white guy, white guy, Obama.

An illustration of the historical whiteness of U.S. Presidents. Beautiful. Welcome, Obama.

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What Would Joe Do?

Joe the Plumber” became a household name after he was mentioned 24 times during a Presidential debate regarding Obama’s plans for taxing small businesses. interviewed a half dozen other entrepreneurial Joes around the country about the issue.. Turns out, Joe Works, my dad, was one of those interviewed. Check out his comments about the burden taxation already puts on small businesses.