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Users and the admin

James Bennett describes how to ensure that people can only see/edit things they “own” (i.e., that they created) in the Django admin. Also covers how to automatically set a foreign key to User with request.user.

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Introverts of the World, Unite!

Classic article from The Atlantic on introversion in an extroverted world. > Actually, my favorite line is from Waiting for Godot. I can quote it to you exactly: “Don’t talk to me. Don’t speak to me. Stay with me.” > > To me those words sum up the introvert impulse. We love people — we’re not misanthropic for the most part. We just can’t socialize with them all the time. We want to hold their hand or hug them or just sit quietly and read a book with them. > > Extroverts should understand that if someone is being quiet it doesn’t mean they’re having a bad time; it doesn’t mean they’re depressed; it doesn’t mean they’re lonely or need psychiatric help or medication. We need to tell the world who we are. The first step is to understand who we are ourselves, but the second step is to educate extroverts. This is stuff extroverts need to know. They’re driving us crazy. We need to tell them.

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Mesmerizing video of skateboarders captured with the Red One digital camera. Absolutely stunning. Also enjoy the song “It’s Alright” by Bang Gang.

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annotated rant

Annotated Rant is responsible for the astutely politically incorrect rants like Fuck the South and Fuck Christmas and Fuck Tax Day. Maybe 5% too much profanity, I’m surprised how much these rants make some sense to me.

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Three Potato Four

A mom and pop shop with an inspiring and curated collection of unique vintage and modern treasures for your home.

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White guy, white guy, white guy, white guy, Obama.

An illustration of the historical whiteness of U.S. Presidents. Beautiful. Welcome, Obama.

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What Would Joe Do?

Joe the Plumber” became a household name after he was mentioned 24 times during a Presidential debate regarding Obama’s plans for taxing small businesses. interviewed a half dozen other entrepreneurial Joes around the country about the issue.. Turns out, Joe Works, my dad, was one of those interviewed. Check out his comments about the burden taxation already puts on small businesses.

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Brian Beck’s django-batchadmin enables batch deletion in the Django admin, as well as other, custom batch processes.

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Drag & Drop reordering in Django Admin

Simon Willison’s snippet to allow drag & drop reordering of items in the Django admin.

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Matt Brett Design

Matt Brett’s impressive portfolio of website designs.

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Collection, reviews, and comments of loads of user interface design patterns.

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960 Grid System

Nathan Smith’s clever grid package, including CSS and sketch templates, based on a basic 960 pixel wide layout.

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Fred’s Home

Very clever, awesome product designs.

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Small-talk with a web designer

Cameron Adams nails the question perfectly, “So, What do you do?” Absolutely brilliant and true.

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Another background pattern generator. Some great options for some class backgrounds.