Joshua Works

Personal characteristics
Joshua Works
Manhattan, KS
7 Feb 1981
Six feet + ½ inch
176 pounds
Eye color
Like a cat
Like a Boy Scout
Skills self-assessment
  • CSS 89/100 89%
  • HTML 94/100 94%
  • Flash 3/100 3%
  • Django 71/100 71%
  • Photoshop 43/100 43%
  • Snow skiing 79/100 79%
  • Cooking/baking 87/100 87%
  • Singing 28/100 28%
  • Making up statistics 60/100 60%
  • Woodworking 70/100 70%
  • Packing (for a trip) 97/100 97%

Hi, I'm Josh and this is my website. Worksology has been around since early 2001, when I created it to share stories & photos from my year studying abroad in Cork, Ireland. Although that content isn't on the site today, I am intent on getting all that back online very soon. Since that time, this has been my personal playground - a place to experiment with innovative designs, write about my daily life, and spend lots & lots of money on web hosting.

Joshua Works

In 2005, I met the girl who'd eventually agree to be my wife. While we were busy getting to know each other, my web life sorta fell into serious disrepair. For over three years. In that time, we've gotten married, bought & settled into a lovely house in Manhattan, KS, had our first boy, a darling lad named Jack Declan, who joins his big sister Cody, and gracefully cozied into the family lifestyle. With life on a steady track, I've finally resurrected Worksology.

I have not founded a Web 2.0 social network, nor released a tremendously popular web application. I have written no must-have books on web development. I was not responsible for redesigning that Fortune 500 website everyone adores. I do not design icons and release them for free. I hope to revise this paragraph in the future.

If I could spend the rest of my life doing one thing, I would be dragging my family around the world. I especially love road trips of the American style, but a part of me will always favor bouncing from port to station across Europe with a backpack and a couple paperback books. These days I drive a black Jeep Commander. I like the boxy military angles, and the classic American Jeep styling. My favorite car that I've owned was my 1998 silver VW Passat. The older-styled Passat was the sexiest car available under $30k.

I grew up in Kansas and enjoy midwestern sunsets. I went to and graduated from Kansas State University. I work there now. It took me several years longer than I had originally planned, but I eventually got degrees in Management Information Systems and in Operations & Project Management. Someday I would like to get a formal education in Interior/Product design. These days I do Interface Design & lots and lots of client work for K-State. I will eventually post a portfolio of my work to this site.

I enjoy reducing things to their simplest state.